Thursday, August 26, 2010

Painted China Cabinet

I just finished this little china cabinet I got from Michaels, I painted with white and then with an antiquing medium.  I also got the tea set from Michaels, too cute!!
  I tried to paint roses on here but could not paint them, too tiny...I guess I'll have to practice, practice, practice....I'm loving this mini madness!!!


  1. Very shabby chic, really cute :)


  2. Hi Kim,

    thank you for joining my blog - of course I had to do the same with yours... ;O) I really like what I've seen so far, I have no doubt your cottage will be lovely. By the way - did you notice that I have my first blog giveaway running on? If you're interested in winning a little snowman of mine I'd be pleased if you'd sign in.

    Greetings from Germany

  3. Very nicely done. I don't paint well so it is amazing what other people can do. The Michels hutches come in handy for so many thinds, shelves, etc, when taken apart and of course used whole for hutches.
    I also did the Victorian cottage and it was my very first real dollhouse. I had a colonial that I picked up at a yard sale but didn't know about refurbishing and the old glue disinagrated. Now I know to take it apart enough to get some glue in the seams so that it will hold. Live and learn. Hugs, Teresa

  4. The hutch is super cute! I love your pink cottage too :)

  5. Lovely shabby chic cabinet, my all time favourite style. The little tea set really adds to the theme. Gorgeous!

  6. The cabinet and china look great - I love the shabby chic look and you have captured it perfectly.


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