Monday, November 1, 2010

Can you tell that I've been to Michaels?

Here is a red china cabinet that I have started on.  I will make it rustic or vintage...not sure yet?
Does any one belong to a Mini Group on Yahoo or Google?  If so, which ones are good?

Happy November!! -Kim :)


  1. last I looked neither one of our Micheal's had the hutches.I hope they get more in. I love the color of your hutch.

  2. Kim- I love your aqua hutch- and love the color of this one too! I think this would look so pretty done up rustic :)

  3. I bought a similar hutch at our Michaels for only $1! What a deal! I like the red!!

  4. I have a backstash of Michael's hutches and I'm glad because I haven't seen them at our Michael's in a while. I'm hoping to do a red one for a christmas project. Love the red shade! The aqua one is great too!

  5. I love that red shade. There's so much we can do with those hutches. I have a huge stash of them.

  6. Hi Kim, I have the same hutch that I will post sometime. I bashed it and am using the bottom for a buffet in the dr and the top as a cabinet in the kitchen. I belong to quarter connection. If you go there you will find to the left of the screen miniatures and figurines, that will take you to a list of sites. I joined mini projects from there.
    mini projects is just getting started again I think because I didnt see a lot of activity but now I find some things happening. I am known as Smarti on both sites. you have to join and be accepted as they are private sites but I think it has been worth it. places. Hope this helps. 1/4scale has a lot of projects going on and you can use a lot of their ideas in 1". Let me know how you make out. mini blessings Lady Jane


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