Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Trying to Make It

I am really trying hard to finish Valentines, but other projects keep popping in my head, I'm steadily making Valentines instead of  finishing the ones I've already started.  Do any of you do the same thing?

 This little box I found at Dollar General, originally it had a snowman on it.

 another unfinished Valentine....

 I just love this paper doll. I started on her.

Wishing everyone a Happy Wednesday!!


  1. I love all the Valentines you have been posting Kim--so cute! I start new things in the middle of finishing the project I am on all the time :)

    1. Kim thank you so much and thanks for visiting :)!

  2. I love this!
    What a cute paper doll.. I remember playing
    With paper dolls all the time as a child because
    I didn't like real dolls, like barbies. So many possibilities.
    There was a snow man on that box?
    Is that a freehand design on it?
    It's beautiful!
    What lovely inspirational goodies you have here,

    1. No not freehand, just scrap paper and modge podge! lol I used to play with paper dolls all the time, they were fun!

  3. Love the box! It looks so sophisticated. Paper dolls are so fun! I have a hard time doing more than one project. Lately I'm forcing myself to do 2 dollhouses at once. But I feel like a mess! You still have plenty of time before Valentine's Day.

  4. Yeah and your doll house ROCK! I have a dollhouse and haven't even started on it, still in the box :( ! Maybe one day!


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