Tuesday, February 21, 2012

## MoRe ThIrFt StOrE FiNdS ##

and again More Thrift Store Finds...
This doll house was only $3.50
This is the back
This is opened up, it has some crayon marks on in, but I'll be fixing this little doll house up, it's so sweet.  I love the handles to carry it with.
Now, from this picture down I paid $2.85!!  The compote is pretty big, I can just see this filled with Easter eggs!
Love the doilies, they are the perfect size for on top of a small box or a card..

Small baggie with flowers, the white one are so pretty.

and some Christmas towels for next year.

Now I need to find some time to work with the things I have gotten, I just keep bringing stuff home and not doing anything with them, maybe I need to get a booth...
Wishing everyone a Great Week!! :) -Kim


  1. LOVE the little dollhouse! It's adorable. What a price. I need to come over there to shop. Here the thrift store prices are as high as brand new! You are a shopping genius!

  2. Awesome deals and that dollhouse was a great find! :)

  3. You find some neat things ! Not much to find around here but every once in a while ... which is what keeps me going :))

  4. WOW! You found some really neat items to create with. I haven't been to a Thrift store since we moved. I found lots of good stuff in the Thrift stores in Las Vegas when we lived there. Going back to visit soon. Plan on checking them out. I have to find out where the Thrift stores are here in Texas. I also love going to Antique shops. Have to find where they are.

  5. Oh goodness, I would have been all over that compote and the doilies myself! Great finds.

  6. Love the compote and white flowers! Great finds, you are so lucky.

  7. Great finds, I LOVE the Christmas tea towels!! The little dollhouse is just adorable!

    Have a wonderful weekend~

  8. So sweet. The little dollhouse reminds me of our little fisher price play house when
    I was child. Such fun memories!

  9. I love the dollhouse and the price can't be beat!

  10. What great finds! Love the dollhouse! Thank you for joining me at Home Sweet Home!

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