Thursday, September 9, 2010

Curtains and Pillows

I made these curtains and pillows, my sewing skills are horrible....but these will do until I can find something else.  I really need to take some time and practice on the sewing skills.

Guess what?  I won second in the give away at 
She has an awesome blog and creates wonderful minis.  Thank You so much Victoria!!!


  1. hi Kim, Thank you for becoming one of my newest followers! I have taken a tour of your blog, and just feel the enchantment here! Your little fairytale cottage is coming along very nicely. I love the little floral pillow. It adds a touch of fairy princess! cant wait to see more, I love minis, and mini makers. FaeWee Blessings, Christel

  2. I love your little pillows- the bolster type one is adorable!

  3. Kim I think your pillows look great! Congrats on winning in my give-away, you are getting a surprise for your Fairytale Cottage.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Hi Kim! Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway - you are a winner! Love your blog and all the pretties you make.

  5. Kim - contact me regarding your prize, okay?


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