Monday, September 20, 2010

Kithen Table and Chairs/Mini Halloween Cards

I got the chairs from Hobby Lobby and I made the table.  I used wood glue and hot glue..I'm really wanting to learn how to use real tools to make furniture.  I definitely need some lessons first. I even have a dremmel  tool and do not know how to use it. Oh well, maybe in the future.

I also made some Halloween Cards and Envelopes.
 The pictures are blurry, I couldn't get a descent one, but you guys get the idea...I think they turned out Okay for my first try at mini cards and envelopes..they are just simple cards, maybe next time I make them fancier.



  1. Love your little cards! The blurry look is great for Halloween!

  2. I think the table is great. It looks like it came with the chairs. I agree with Kathi. The cards have a ghostly feel. lol

  3. I think your little table turned out great Kim and I can tell the cards are cute. I have a dremmel and never use it, I like xacto knives and my scroll saw.

    Victoria ♥

  4. Love the table and chairs, and your cards look really cute!


  5. Looks like you have had great fun i love it all

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    You have a very nice blog. I'm going you following too.


  7. This all very beauty, congratulations. Best wishes

  8. The table turned out fabulous! The cards are great too! Everything you do is always so cute! I have the dremmel but I don't have the attachments for doing the small stuff. I use mine to cut out windows and doors and walls. It's easy to use. But I still have to put on earplugs or I get the ringing in the ears for the rest of the day! Otherwise it's a good tool.

  9. The chairs and table are very nice. I use my Dremel to drilling, sanding, cutting glass .... nice thing.
    Good luck with the next crafting.
    groetjes Ingrid

  10. Your table and chair set are lovely. I like the table design. Your cards and teeny envelopes also look so sweet. Best wishes, Carol :)

  11. I think your table is super cute-it matches your chairs perfectly! I love the halloween cards too ♥


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