Saturday, March 17, 2012

#*Con create*#

I have been obsessed with concrete this week.  I know it has been done before, but I have never used it.  You can make stepping stones, signs, planters, all kinds of yard art.  A sixty pound bag of concrete cost me $2.88, you can't beat that and look what all I have made out of 1 bag.

I just found plastic containers at the thrift store to use as molds.
Here is the round one, I think I will paint this one, it turned out so smooth.

This is the egg, the bunny I wish I had made.

This also turned out smooth.

These stepping stones I will take out of the molds tomorrow, I used cheap cake pans.

A little succulent lives is this planter.

This is made out of a jello mold.

I love the way the fish turned out, even though he lost his lower lip, I was impatient and took him out before time.

This mushroom I will paint after I tear the baby bottle away.

These projects are a little messy and the only time consuming part is the waiting 2 days to take the molds away, just do not be impatient like me.  I think these are a cheap, decorative idea for the garden. 

I will show you guys how they all turn out after I paint them.  I am glad I have some patio paint left over!

Wishing everyone a great week end!


  1. Nice job!! I've always wondered about making my own concrete stuff but figured I'd get the mix wrong & it would fail. You did great!

    Thanks for visiting & leaving such a sweet comment.


    1. This was my first try, it's not hard at all, a little heavy, you should try.

  2. Hi Kim!

    It has been awhile since I came for a visit and here I find you playing the cement! I have done this too and although it's heavy work, it's fun work. You can find chipped china too and inlay it deep into stepping stones and it's so charming for a garden. My friend made me two of the mushrooms for my yard (Gnomeland) and I treasure them. Thanks for the inspiration. Come visit me sometime, would love to blog with you!

    Jacqueline at:
    Once Upon a Fairyland
    I love dolls, retro, gnomes, friends, dogs, God, storybook homes and anything whimsical...arts and crafts and so much more!

    1. I have some pretty plate that I'm going to try!

  3. Hmmmm... wonder if you could make minis with concrete? Might have to try that! :D
    Love the things you made. Very creative!

    1. I very sure you can, I have a little craw fish mold that I'm going to try, just spray the mold really well with Pam cooking spray.

  4. This is so fun! I have been thinking of making my own stepping stones this summer. Now I know I have to! LOL Thank you for sharing at TTF and have a wonderful week!


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